About us

The synthesis of teaching and research is fundamental to Iqra National University (INU). Its our constant endeavor to produce, not only excellent engineers and business leaders but also well balanced human beings with strong sense of values. Therefore INU always focuses at imparting high quality education not only at undergraduate and postgraduate levels but also at its MS / PhD programs of international level offered in disciplines of Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Engineering and Art & Design. Moreover, the expansion of facilities at INU, not only helps to ensure conducive environment to cater for the educational needs of a large number of talented students but it also provide opportunities to the students to get benefit from modern age technology and make themselves competent enough to face this challenging era.

INU has established its unique position due to the impressive vision of an enlightened management and tireless efforts of a highly qualified faculty. The University, for its repute, faculty and unique academic curriculums attracts a large number of students every year although it offers admission to a measured number of student s from all regions of country.