Admission :

Admissions to all programs at the university and its constituent / affiliated units are granted on the basis of merit alone as determined through the INU Admission Test or SAT / GMAT / GRE / GAT scores and the students’ previous records. Applicants for admission are provided with a prospectus which provides details about the admission procedures. You may also obtain the essential details for your particular program by visiting the University website

Cancellation of Admission

If for any reason the university cancels your admission after having been selected, the reasons for the cancellation will be given to you in writing.

Deferment of Admission

Students, who are finally selected for admission, can defer their admission for one semester after paying admission fee subject to fulfillment of academic eligibility for the program applied.

Deferment of Admission for Students not meeting Eligibility Criteria.

  1. The student, who has not fulfilled the academic criteria, his / her admission will be cancelled.

  2. The students may defer their semester (on the basis of special cases defined by the University) after depositing the requisite fee and are allowed to join the University in next semester without admission test provided they clear their previous degree and meet the University’s basic eligibility criteria within the same academic year.

  3. Fee deposited by such students will be readjusted in the forthcoming semester.

  4. The student will be required to provide surety on an affidavit that in case of failure in the completion of HSSC / Bachelor program, or any other prerequisite qualification, he / she will have to accept the decision of INU (what so ever).

Cancellation of Candidature

Candidature of student, who left the University and drawn the security etc without completion of degree will be cancelled. Such students will only be allowed to rejoin the same program after approval from the Dean of the Faculty and re-depositing the admission fee. If approved, these students will be governed by all rules and regulations of his/her original entry.

Ineligibility of Admission

Students, who have previously been dropped from an INU program for academic reasons will not be permitted to rejoin the same program. Those students expelled earlier for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to rejoin the University. However the Vice Chancellor of the university is competent to make any decision on the recommendations of the Dean of the Faculty.

Change of Discipline

Existing students of any discipline are allowed to change their discipline subject to fulfillment of basic eligibility criteria of that discipline.Students are to apply at the time when the admissions in that discipline are open by paying Rs 500 only as admission form fee / processing fee. Entry test will be exempted if changing to low merit discipline. The common courses with grade C and above in the students’ current and previous academic programs can be exempted. Admission fee and caution money already deposited will be adjusted into new discipline on confirmation of admission. Admissions Office will deal with all such cases.

Orientation for New Students

Orientation is a requirement for all new students. It is designed to provide fresh students with information regarding University services, policies and procedures, student responsibilities and faculty expectations. Orientation generally takes place just before commencement of a new semester.

Calendar of Events

The schedule of admissions, registration, start and close of academic sessions, examinations, breaks; on-academic activities and holidays are all listed in the Academic Calendar prepared by the Registrar Office and published by the University.

Academic Session

There are two regular semesters in one academic year (Spring & Fall). The duration of the Fall and Spring semesters is 18 weeks each (including examination week). The university also offers summer semester of 10 weeks duration for the benefit of those students who may wish to improve their grades in any course or who have failed some courses; provided 12 or more students register for those courses. Such students will not be eligible for award of Gold / Silver Medals at Convocation.


After joining, you will be required to register for the module for each semester. Module registration of the fresh students is done automatically by the respective department. For the subsequent semesters, the students have to go through the module registration process thirty days before the new semester starts. Payment of fee/dues or obtaining approval of deferred payment plan from Director Finance for the module becomes due immediately after approval of registration for the module applied for but not later than five days before the commencement of next semester.
Final semester Students can be allowed to register one extra course (3 or 4 Credit Hours) after approval of the Dean of the Faculty on case to case bases.

Course Pre-requisites

Student cannot be enrolled / registered in certain courses until they have attended the classes of the pre-requisites as per university attendance policy and have appeared in the mid-semester and final-semester examinations but declared Fail. A student registering in a given course without meeting the pre-requisites will be denied credits for that course and also not included in the transcript until he pass the pre-requisite course.

Freezing of Semester

Students are allowed to Freeze their semester/module due to illness and circumstances beyond control by giving a written application on prescribed form. Conditions are as under:

  1. A student is allowed to freeze the semester/module before the start of the academic session, if he / she has passed the final Examinations of previous semester/ module with a minimum GPA/CGPA, required for the academic standing of the INU to remain enrolled. Nevertheless, he/she is required to deposit the tuition fee of the semester/module, prior requesting to freeze. The same will be adjusted in the next semester/module.

  2. A student is allowed to freeze the semester/module anytime during the course till 03 weeks before the commencement of final Examinations. Fee of such students will not be refunded / re-adjusted and he has to pay the fee/dues afresh while re-joining

  3. Students have to resume their studies in the following semester otherwise his / her name would be struck off the roll of the University.

  4. Students are not allowed to freeze more than 02 semesters in one degree program.

  5. Fresh students are not allowed to freeze the semester without payment of the admission fee and the submission of the complete documents required meeting the basic eligibility.

  6. A student is allowed to freeze the semester within the overall degree awarding time frame (i.e. maximum time allowed for the completion of the degree by the University as mentioned at section 4.13 & 4.14) etc.

  7. A student is allowed to freeze the semester in special cases i.e. suffering from a life threatening disease, marriage, and maternity etc.

False Registration & Non Payment of Dues

Penalties for false registration and non-payment of requisite dues are as under:

  1. The students, who register themselves to a module but do not attend their classes and fail to pay the fee with-in due date/as per fee payment plan approved by the Director Finance will be fined Rs. 5,000/- per module.

  2. The students, who register themselves to a module and attend the classes but do not deposit the fee till midterm Examinations or as per fee payment plan approved by the Director Finance will be fined Rs. 5,000/- in addition to normal late submission fine of Rs.200/- per day after due date.

  3. The students, who register to a module and manage to attend their classes without payment of the fee/dues even after the midterm, will not be allowed to appear in the final-semester examination and will be declared as “Fail” in the module. Such students will have to re-register themselves with their junior batch in the same module.