Allied health professionals are experts in a multitude of therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive health interventions, These professionals comprise a significant percentage of the healthcare workforce. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was established at Iqra National  University in Fall 2016 with the aim to produce highly skilled Allied Health Professionals, to serve the community with qualitative work of these professionals.

Department of Allied Health Sciences Iqra National University Swat will strive national and international recognition for its excellence in healthcare education and to produce lifelong learners and evidence-based health professionals.

The recently established Department of Health Sciences offers the following Disciplines:

The faculty members in all the disciplines of Allied Health Sciences are highly qualified and experienced.

The laboratories and museums are well – equipped, the tutorial rooms, lecture halls and auditorium not only meet the educational needs but also have the capacity of hosting seminars and conferences.

The students and faculty are encouraged to carry on visits to places relating to their professional interest as well as go for recreational visits in the form of groups.

Emergency medical services are available for students, staff and faculty members.


To develop excellence in healthcare education and to produce lifelong learners and evidence based health professionals and achieve national and international recognition.


To contribute towards community, by preparing health professionals who believe in interpersonal and intra-professional collaboration, critical analysis and are committed to lifelong learning to improve health and wellness of humanity, through research and advancement in the medical field.