Dr. Sahib Zada

I am delighted to welcome you to faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Iqra National University Peshawar. It is the University’s commitment to serve you in your journey of higher education. In the service of this goal, we have taken every care to present to you the most progressive academic choices. The University is proud to offer degrees at the undergraduate level in Allied Health Sciences disciplines. You will find a wonderful blend of enthusiasm and talent in the teaching faculty. We are also appreciative of the important place of career readiness in the overall scheme of higher education. You will find yourself equipped with all the knowledge and know-how that you would need to thrive in global employment Marketplace when you leave us. I encourage you to avail of all the wonderful teaching-learning that is offered. We, at Allied Health Science, Iqra National University, believe that Co-curricular activities in education are important as much as studies, therefore, we offer a whole range of first-rate choices that contribute to personal capacity building, such as those in career enhancement, extracurricular activities and recreational facilities.