Design Development subjects are fundamental in modern society and their study lead to exciting and diverse opportunities in worldwide industry, where professionals involve at every step – from first idea and conception to production and retail. That makes industry full of interesting and imaginative careers in designing, styling, promotions, journalism and publication, advertisement and interactive media.

Our Department offers a strong foundation in traditional and modern approaches to the field. The programs are developed to be an exciting and challenging experience for our students and provide original and inspired learning environment with the objective of creating dynamic and talented graduates prepared to build up a career path in fashion, textile and promotion industries.

We provide a range of facilities including professional, well-equipped studious for weaving, sewing, draping, printing etc.

Classes are thought by qualified instructor who encourage individual artistic expressions, creative thinking, sense of uniqueness and attach great importance to development communication, time and project management skills.

Students are encouraged to participate in extra curriculum activities: workshops, guided tours and visits, academic trips. The best creations of the students are shown to the public in exhibitions and presentations held annually.


To lead the region in promoting art and design, by fostering creative thinking, cultural receptiveness, and community engagement to embellish the artistically gifted traits in our students.


The department of Art and Design is an artistic and intellectual community that strives to prepare the student as creative leader, innovators and entrepreneurs, for the welfare of society, by focusing on leading edge technology, outstanding facilities, and highly equipped studios in the areas of art and design.