Education opens vistas for a bright future .INU ensures that the panorama of a bright future is not only retained but the perspective increased in terms of the provision of quality education provided to the students.

Although a newly chartered university, INU has come a long way in terms of providing quality education, conducive learning environment, well equipped and up to date labs, well stocked library and sports facilities like no other university in the private sector of KPK. INU stands as the only university that holds home to over three thousand students enrolled currently, the largest number of students enrolled in any private university in the province.

We have multiple PhD’s, well qualified and trained staff  which adds excellence and sets a benchmark for classroom teaching for other institutes.

Our Vice Chancellor a man of enormous energy, great integrity, and a brilliant  leader, is taking care of the University’s Academia. Under his supervision, the University is much richer and overflowing with knowledge that needs to be departed to students. His ability to communicate with staff is worth mentioning and his Awards for Excellence to acknowledge outstanding staff performance and contributions.

INU has been very active in promoting and hosting conferences, guest lectures, seminars and various workshops for better understanding and further learning of students beyond the classroom. A lot of stress is placed on Research and Development and the staff frequently publishes new research papers.

INU plans on working nationally and internationally on student exchange programs, research projects and teachers-exchange programs; currently paving its way towards achieving a distinctive status.

We are currently sailing on a sojourn of expanding and opening vistas in other cities of Pakistan. Considering studying here at INU would indeed be a journey worth experiencing .Having said that, bon voyage!


Obaid ur Rehman