The Department of Business Administration is akin to produce professionals suitable for the emerging needs of the market. We strongly believe that the educational environment, curriculum and teaching methodologies must lead to instilment of ethical and moral values coherent with the cultural and religious of our society. To achieve these objectives, the programs offered by the department of Business Administration place a strong emphasis on ethical values.

The department of Business Administration offer 

  • BBA (Honors) 4 Years Program.
  • BS English  4 Years Program.
  • MS (Management Sciences)  2 Years Program .

In an area of globalization, the need of business education is vital for the success of any business. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to impact knowledge and our program are designed in such a balanced way that not only cover the academic aspect but also provide the opportunity of research and interaction with business and industry. Our emphasis on actual existing program and practical yet religious research analysis has played a large role in establishing us as a premier research oriented learning center. Apart from that, Iqra National University is a place with countless opportunities. The purpose built campus with state-of-the-art facilities provides a unique learning experience for the student and help them grow both personally and intellectually.


To become the leading business school in the region by bridging the gap between innovation and entrepreneurship through transferring cutting edge knowledge and leadership skills.


Department of Business Administration strives to create future business leaders through effective learning and research to develop in our students diverse pragmatic skills, analytical cognition along with an ability to strive relentlessly, in order to accomplish diversified objectives for sustainable growth and socio-economic empowerment. We collaborate with the industry and entrepreneurs to align business education with industrial practices, which familiarizes our students with contemporary business environment.