Computer, being regarded as the most significant and revolutionary invention of mankind, has metamorphosed the planet earth completely. Predominantly, Computer Sciences and Computer Applications have acquired the control of the modern life in a myriad ways. The advent of computer machine also germinated its congenial stream of higher education known as Computer Science Engineering. The periodical researches and enhanced initiatives woven into various segments of computer capabilities have nurtured all the streams of computer education as per the aspirations of the present times. Subsequently, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) also witnessed the evolution of some premier institutes offering quality education in Computer Science, Management Science and Allied Sciences.

The IQRA National University Swat Campus established its Department of Computer Sciences, Department of Management Sciences and Department of Allied Sciences with an enriched objective of achieving distinction and recognition as the particularly pioneer among the Computer Sciences, Management Sciences and Allied Sciences Colleges/ Universities in KP. Due to its diligent and encouraged efforts, IQRA National University Swat Campus has met the expectations of the region with its kick start to equip young technocrats with enhanced horizons of computer knowledge and skills incorporated with theory and practical.

I welcome all my students to the IQRA National University Swat Campus, a place to learn, innovate and lead. You will find our campus located in the heart of the Swat business city, vibrant with activities and our student body, offering you an opportunity to not only learn and grow but also to network and make new friends.

The IQRA National University Swat Campus is offering a wide range of programs for students looking to have a basic understanding of Computer Sciences, Management Sciences and Allied Sciences programs etc, If you are looking to study Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Business Administration, Dental Technology, Radiology, Medical Laboratory Technology and Doctor of Physiotherapy etc in KP, The course curriculum is tailored to meet the demands of industrial job market which is fiercer than ever. Top organizations want the best talent they can find and incorporated the School of Management, Computer Sciences and Allied Sciences to enrich the students with the latest and most asked for management techniques, computer skills and medical technologist. We develop enquiring minds through our unparallel teaching experience. National and International symposium, seminars, Conferences, workshops, Industrial visits and guest faculty lectures from local and abroad are organized periodically to impart value based education. The programs are design to not only improve one’s career prospects but also to make you think critically and move confidently.

In this advance study era, the IQRA National University Swat Campus will provide you the best curriculum and activities taught to you with our highly qualified teaching staff in a peaceful environment. For learning beyond classroom the Campus provides sports, cultural and other activities. Our main motive is to improve the overall personality of the student and for that activities like quiz, debates, industrial training programs, educational tours, industrial visit, guest lecturers by experienced professors and industrialist are regularly organized, so that students can face the challenges ahead bravely.

I wish all those who will be joining us this year good luck.