INU Facilities


Computer network at Iqra university comprises more then 50 nodes providing multiple computing environments running latest software’s on contemporary servers. Research facilities are available Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and digital signal processing.


Students of Iqra are facilitated with Internet services in all its online lab. The online lab is equipped with all modern facilities like broadband Internet service, highly configured pc with networking system. Besides, the whole campus is under a local area network to facilitate intra communications inside the University.


Iqra National University believes in quality education. The pre-requisite of quality education is highly qualified and experienced teachers. Coping with this philosophy, Iqra’s every department has been enriched with highly qualified and experienced teachers. Iqra has enough full time as well as adjunct lecturers and professors. Iqra also invites guest teachers from different universities of home and abroad. Professors and ex-chairmen from the University of Peshawar, University of Agriculture and University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar visit the university frequently and conduct different classes. Faculty members are always helpful to the students and are always ready to help or solve any academic problems of any student.


For study and for students, proper educational environment is essential. Iqra is committed to proving proper educational environment. That is why Iqra has declared its campuses free of student politics and smoking. Student politics is strictly prohibited here. Certainly this creates a congenial atmosphere for students to seek and achieve knowledge in different programs.


Iqra has been providing students with well-furnished & air-conditioned classrooms for better environment in the classrooms. All classrooms are specious enough for students to take part in the classes comfortably and smoothly. Certainly the environment in the classrooms will be influencing and encouraging for the students to acquire knowledge, which will lead them to be better professionals.


Different specialized workshops and seminars are arranged for students of BBA, MBA, BSCS, MSCS, BE (Electronics) and all other programs from time to time to increase their efficiency and competence. Experts from different universities, institutions and national & multinational organizations conduct these workshops and seminars.


The university has an extensive range of state of the art fully equipped laboratory facilities and technical resources at its disposal including Computer Networks labs, power/industrial electronics lab, communications lab, electrical machines/EMI lab, DCL/embedded system labs, Instrumentation & testing center, engineering mechanics lab, engineering drawing lab, engineering mechanics lab, survey lab, sewing lab, draping lab, drawing lab, computer lab, textile printing lab, weaving lab and control lab. These facilities are fully supported and continually reviewed by a team of highly qualified Technical staff to ensure that they meet the highest international standards and undergo regular refurbishment and equipment replacement. The facilities available to the students are second to none and supplement lectures by extensive practical work.


Visits to industrial sites and organizations are also arranged for our students so that they can gather practical knowledge about different facts of national and multinational organizations and industries. This certainly helps them in the job markets to get better job.


Along with academic activities, different cultural, recreational and instructive programs are arranged for students. These include different cultural programs, picnic, study tour, debate and different indoor & outdoor games.


The campus is maintaining about 6,000 relevant books pertaining to Allied Health Science Programs, Computer Sciences, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Quantitative Techniques, Research Methodologies, Business Communication etc.

The Information Resource Center (IRC) offers more than a traditional library. Information resources accessible through the IRC include books, journals, magazines, newspapers, audio and video titles, and software digital libraries on local CD servers. Fully computerized, the IRC has more than 6,000 books on its shelves covering a wide variety of subjects and subscribes to 60 national and international journals/periodicals. Some other salient features of the IRC are: article indexing, newspaper clippings, text database for selected newspaper articles and latest retrieval techniques to search for a particular book/subject or article from the IRC database. Internet and web facilities to search for any required material from other national and international data warehouses are also available.

DepartmentNo.of Books
Computer Science Department Books1034
Business Administration Department Books1030
Physical Therapy (DPT)1050
Dental Technology Department1042
Radiology Technology Department1035
Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)305
Anesthesia Technology167
General Books561



Name of Department

Name of Journal


Department of Computer Science

– IEEE Transaction on Automation Sciences and Engineering

– Intelligent System and Technology

– IEEE Transaction on Evolutionary Computations

– IEEE Spectrum

– ACM Transaction on Software Engineering & Methodology

– ACM Transaction on Intelligent system and Technology


Department of Business Administration

– International Journals of Research in Marketing

– Journal of Corporate Finance

– Research in Organization Behavior

– Journal of Cooperative Organization and Management

–  Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics


Department of Allied Health Sciences (Proposed)

– Archives of Microbiology

– Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

– Medical Microbiology and Immunology

– School Mental Health

– Journal of Cancer Survivorship


The University owns a fleet of transport including three buses, two coasters, one van and five cars to meet the conveyance facilities to the students, teaching faculty and administrative staff. The staff of Transport Department is very friendly and professional, and always remains available to provide the service when and where needed.


The university has designed an official mascot named ‘Otaku’ which acts like a guide for students. Our official Mascot through pictorial descriptions helps explain university guidelines, events, updates and information related to SIC (student information center). I-WIZ- an intelligent system(automated teller machine), designed to cater to the needs of currently enrolled students. Installed at university’s lobby, it has made academic information  readily accessible and only a click away .It provides  easy access to the time table, results, incomplete transcript  ,examination slip and  fee bills