In exercise of the powers vested, under section-4, sub section (iv) (ix) (xvii) and (xx) of the Iqra National University Act No. V of 2011, the Vice Chancellor has been pleased and Constituted the “Information Technology Incubation Centre” (ITI Center) at Iqra National University Swat Campus, with Immediate effect, with the following Advisory Board, Executive Committee and their ToR’s:-


Advisory Board

  1. Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences, INU Swat;
  2. Head of the Department, Computer Sciences, INU Swat(Focal Person);
  3. Head of the Department, Computer Sciences, INU Peshawar;
  4. Head of the Department, Computer Science Department University of Swat;
  5. Representatives from local Industries;
  6. local Government Representative;
  7. Representative from the Chamber of Commerce Swat;
  8. KPIT Board Representative;
  9. IT Firms Representatives;
  10. Representatives from  Incubation Centers; and
  11. Director QEC, INU Peshawar 
  12. R&D Department (ORIC)

TOR for Advisory Board

The Advisory Board shall be governed by the following terms of references;

 a. The Advisory Board will be the governing body and will provide strategic leadership and governance oversight. The Advisory board will provide dedicated advice for decisions and actions to be taken in accordance with the objectives, approach and scope of the Information technology Incubation Center (ITI).

b. The Advisory Board will continuously review the ITI Center performance against the KPIs and strategic plans designed and guide the Advisory Board’s leadership by providing performance monitoring and evaluation.

c. The Corporate Advisory Board will;

    1. Devise and approve the 3-year strategic plan for the ITI Center and ensure its proper compliance & Procedures.
    2. Review and approve the recommendations for implementation of initiatives for better achievement of ITI Center objectives.
    3. Review periodic monitoring reports on the basis of KPIs and give pieces of advice the Advisory Board leadership, accordingly.
    4. Provide policy guidance to Advisory Board leadership.
    5. Ensure that Advisory Board’s activities and initiatives are coordinated with other relevant stakeholders, inside or outside the The University (Swat) Campus.
    6. Bridge the gap between academia and industry and provide crucial advice on matters to promote university-industry linkages and commercialization.
    7. Any other matter relevant to the better functioning of the ITI Center.

Executive Committee

  1. Gulzar Mehmood, Head of Department Computer Science Department, INU Swat.
  2. Engr. Khwaja Jawad. Lecturer, Computer Science Department, INU Swat
  3. Engr. Kiramat Ullah Lecturer, Computer Science Department, INU Swat
  4. Umar Islam, Lecturer, Computer Science Department, INU Swat
  5. Abdullah, Manager, IT/EDP & Developments, INU Swat 
  6. Noor Rehman, Assistant Director QEC, INU Swat 
  7. Shehzad Ali, IT Assistant, INU Swat 
  8. Taimoor Ahmad, IT Assistant INU Swat Nursing School,

ToR’s for Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee will address all day-to-day activities of the ITI Centre and shall implement all policy decisions taken by Board of Advisory.
  2. The Committee shall provide support to the Startups for job creation, Information technology Projection, and ITI Center staff capacity building and ensure good practices and operation in the ITI- center for the betterment of INU-Swat Campus.


News & Updates

A meeting of ITIC was held on September 27,2022 under the Convenorship of the Director INU swat Campus.