Pakistan is going through a transitional period having long lasting impact on its economy, politics, culture, and social structure of the society. Key drivers of the transition include CPEC project, changing International and national political dynamics, globalization, climate change, and new public management. The transitional period is also putting greater pressure on organizations across the diverse range of industries/sectors to adopt according to the changing needs of the environment. In this dynamic environment, there is urgent need for research and development of indigenous new methods, techniques, and tools for the growth of businesses and industry in Pakistan.  It is a matter of great pride, enthusiasm, and anticipation that Iqra National University is launching its management science journal named ‘Iqra Journal of Business & Management’. The journal aims to provide a platform to the researchers belongs to the management and administration discipline.

The journal will disseminate the latest research to the research community, academics, industry, government and social sector. The aim of the journal is to provide industry and businesses within Pakistan the latest research and bridge the gap between the industry and academia. In current era, best scholarship requires the qualitative as well as quantitative methodology so the journal will publish research articles on both type of research along with insightful commentary, field reports on contemporary management practice, all of which will make the journal highly beneficial for its readers.

The development of journal required a lot of hard work and I appreciate the work of managing editor (Dr. Khursheed Iqbal) and co-managing editor (M. Tahir). On behalf of Iqra Journal of Business & Management, I am thankful to the university administration for its support of this effort. I am thankful to the Chancellor, INU Obaid ur Rehman, Prochancellor, Prof. Dr. Shahjehan Khan, and all the administrative staff in supporting this research endeavor.