The current century demands of us to equip our young men and women with real knowledge in all the branches of learning. It will require a trust in disseminating quality education, the INU is fully committed to provide. We have to innovate in disseminating knowledge so that our graduates are fully equipped with knowledge of the subject they choose for their future career. We will ensure that our graduates successfully compete with others in the job-market and bring good name to their alma mater.

Pakistan, like many other developing countries, is experiencing a massive increase in population.  Current statistics show that in Pakistan, we have only 109,513 qualified Registered Nurses including 500 plus MSN Nurses, whereas only 10  PhD’s in the field of nursing.

To meet the minimum hygienic level, and according to the internationally recommended nurses patients ratio of 1 to 10, Pakistan is in need of 8.5 million more qualified Nurses.

This is the underlying vision and motive for setting up Iqra National University School of Nursing in Peshawar, The School of Nursing will definitely facilitate the students of the Northern areas in general and the students of Peshawar in particular.


  1. To prepare nurses who will work in the hospital and community with dedication, devotion, compassion and kindness.
  2. To develop a Centre for Excellence in nursing, this will provide Quality educational programs which are evidence based and encourage innovations to improve patient care. Every student nurse who passes out from this school will be an epitome of nursing with adequate scientific knowledge and will be able to work at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care within country and abroad.
  3. Develop a research cell where the ongoing researches will help to improve patient care and nursing education.


The mission of the School of Nursing is to provide accessible, affordable high quality education to diverse students for the development of nurse practitioners at all entries of practice. The mission will be accomplished through:

  • Innovative programs that reflect the needs and current trends in Health Care of neighboring communities and the wider Geographic Regions.
  • Provision of the state of the art Health Care and Serve as a Resource for the surrounding and Global Communities.
  • Research that advances the scientific and theoretical foundations of Nursing.